The Institute of Cognitive Science contributes a robust quantity and quality of research publications over a wide variety of interrelated disciplines. From 2012 to mid-2018, Institute Faculty published 320 unique peer reviewed journal articles (articles with multiple ICS authors were only counted once), 83 book chapters, 1 peer-reviewed book, 4 peer-reviewed textbooks, and 263 refereed conference publications. Faculty also presented 53 invited talks and 201 keynote presentations. 

The Institute also has a highly active Professional Research Assistants (PRA), Research Associates (RA) and Graduate Research Assistants (GRA) community that contributes significantly to publication productivity. 22 PRA, RA, and GRAs published 216 peer-reviewed journal articles, conference proceedings, book chapters, invited presentations from 2012 to 2018, many as primary authors and presenters.

It is important to note that the above publications include only those produced by Faculty and RAs directly rostered at ICS. In addition to rostered Faculty and RAs, currently 55 Affiliated Faculty from other units participate as Fellows of ICS, many of them working closely with ICS Faculty and facilities. For example, Profs. Angela Bryan from Psychology and Neuroscience and Erik Willcutt from Institute of Behavioral Genetics have collaborated closely with ICS’s Intermountain Neuroimaging Consortium (INC) both with researchers and the MRI facility. Vast numbers of publications arise out of the interdisciplinary collaborative work, but they are not counted in the above numbers.

In pursuit of conducting research reeavant to real life, disseminating research activities and finding is an important aspect of the work at the Institute. Institute faculty and students disseminated research findings through 417 academic presentations, colloquia, keynote talks, and invited presentations, for a per year average of 64 presentations per year bewteen 2012 and mid-2018. Research was also disseminated to the larger non-research community through 12 articles through popular press and television news outlets.

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