The Institute of Cognitive Science is a small yet highly active research center. During the period of 2012 and mid-2018, 137 grants were led by ICS Faculty and Research Associates. In the same time period, 102 new grants were awarded to the Institute, with 35 grants awarded prior to 2012 coming to completion. With an average of 14.3 Full Time Equivalent per year staffing by Faculty and Research Associates, grant procurement productivity per FTE was a strong 10 grants led per FTE, and 7 new grants acquired per FTE during this period.

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The Institute relies on a broad range of funding sources: federal; not-for-profit companies and foundations; industry; school districts; state agencies; and universities, with nearly 80% coming from federal sponsors. Nearly ⅔ of funding comes from NIH and NSF.  However it is noteworthy that ICS work is funded by a diverse group of organizations both within and outside the federal sector. From NASA to the Navy, state agencies to school districts and Samsung, 75 unique organizations have sponsored ICS research since 2012. And of the nearly 80% of ICS work sponsored by federal sources, 22 different agencies and programs sponsor our work under the Centers for Disease Control, Department of Health and Human Services, NSF, NIH, Department of Defence, Department of Education, NASA, and the Small Business Innovation Research organization.

Around 9% of ICS funding is provided by not-for-profit companies and foundations, around 10% by state agencies, school districts and universities, and 5% by corporations. This variety of sponsors speaks to the broad relevance of ICS research and stability of funding.  

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