Published: Aug. 1, 2020

Smoking high-potency marijuana concentrates boosts blood levels of THC more than twice as much as smoking conventional weed, but it doesn’t necessarily get you higher, according to a new study of regular users published on June 10 by CU Boulder researchers.

Details are available on the original press release in CU Boulder Today.

Health Europa, Marijuana Moment, and Fresh Toast are three media outlets talking about the results to date. Extensive coverage is expected in the coming weeks.

Update June 18, 2020

With headlines like 'Everything You Know About What Makes Weed Potent May Be Wrong' in Vice, Cinnamon and Kent's recent paper is being picked up in a wide variety of media outlets. Local Boulder Weekly, the Durango Telegraph, and the Colorado State University College of Health and Human Sciences News are some updated coverage they have received.

Update August 1, 2020

Cinnamon and Kent's research findings are continuing to find media coverage. Recently Drew Reports News featured the article "High Potency of Cannabis does not mean a higher level of impairment".