Published: Oct. 9, 2019 By

The Herbst Program has reached another milestone: 30 years. Wow!

We are planning an anniversary party on Thursday, Nov. 7, with Linda and Clancy Herbst as guests of honor.

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To commemorate the occasion, we are soliciting comments from current and former Herbst students. We will download the comments and put them into a memory book which we will present to Linda and Clancy at the party.

Yes, we already gave them memory books, at the 20th and the 25th anniversaries, but Linda and Clancy love these gifts. They will be thrilled to read still more comments, especially those that reflect the impact these courses have had on students’ lives.

If you would like to share your reflections, please submit them via our website. We would like to have all comments in before Nov. 1, in order to create the memory book in time.