Please use this site to submit your comments and reflections about the Herbst Program. These will be downloaded and entered into the Herbst Program 30th Anniversary Memory Book. We would like this book to demonstrate that Linda and Clancy created something worthwhile 30 years ago. They love to hear individual voices, so please be yourself in your comment. Feel free to address them as Ms. Vitti and Mr. Herbst, or as Linda and Clancy. 

If you are undecided about what to write, consider these topics:

  • your best Herbst memory,
  • what benefits you gained from the program,
  • what text (books, paintings, music, films, etc.) you remember best from your time as a Herbst student,
  • what texts (books, paintings, music, films, etc.) you enjoy now,
  • how you include the humanities in your life now,
  • what makes you glad that you took a Herbst course,
  • how the program helped you be a more well-rounded person or a better engineer. 
Please enter your name as you would like it to appear in the memory book.
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