Girl looking at phone with frustration

3 things everyone should know about stalking

Sometimes it can be hard to know where to draw the line between annoying, clingy interactions and stalking. Here are a few things that everyone should know about stalking.

Two students bundled in sweaters standing on a hilltop overlooking colorful fall foliage.

10 fall-inspired date ideas

Whether you’re together in person or currently in a long distance relationship, these fall-inspired dates are sure to keep the spark alive.

Couple sitting on a bench after a hike

5 essentials for a healthy relationship

Whether you’ve been in a relationship before or this is your first, here are a few things that are essential for a healthy relationship.

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4 practical tips for dating during a pandemic

Whether you’re just dipping your toes in the water or looking for a long-term relationship, here are a few tips to help you navigate dating in a pandemic.

Student sitting in the dark with her phone as it illuminates her face on the couch.

3 things to do after a breakup

The end of a relationship – whether it lasted for weeks, months or years - can leave us feeling upset and uneasy about what comes next. When we’re feeling down and out, how do we beat the break-up blues?

couple sitting under blanket outside in winter

It doesn't have to be awkward: How to discuss STIs with your partner

Did you know the most common symptom is no symptom at all? Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) can be a difficult topic to discuss with our partners. While it may feel like an awkward subject, it doesn't have to be. Get tips for starting the conversation.


STI Testing

The most common symptom of an STI of any kind is actually no symptom. That’s why it’s so important to get tested regularly, even when nothing feels off.