Person holding a vape pen outside in front of a grassy lawn.

7 things to know about vaping

While vaping can serve as an alternative to cigarette smoking, it still poses a number of inherent risks, especially for young adults. Here are 7 things you should know if you choose to vape.

Photo of a young man holding up his vaccination card.

3 things to know about COVID in 2022

While life has started to get back to ‘normal’, here are a few things to know about COVID in 2022.

Photo of a prescription medication bottle spilled out on a table.

5 things everyone should know about fentanyl

Colorado has seen an increase in fentanyl overdoses over the past year. Here are five things everyone should know about fentanyl and how to stay safe.

Photo of students lighting sparklers and enjoying a party together.

9 ways to party smart in college

Your first year in college can be a time to meet new people, have fun and make memories. If you choose to party, drink or use substances, keep these tips in mind.

Aerial photo of campus overlooking the flatirons.

5 things everyone should know about sexual assault

Sexual violence can have lasting impacts on individuals and communities. Here are five things everyone should know about sexual assault.

Person wearing headphones sitting in front of two computer monitors late at night.

6 things to know about study drugs

As we prepare to hunker down for exams and projects, it can be tempting for some to use study drugs not as prescribed. If you choose to use study drugs to prepare for finals, here are a few things you should know.

Photo of a girl rolling joint papers.

Let’s be blunt: 9 things to know about marijuana

Whether it's your first time or you're a frequent user, here are some things to consider if you choose to use marijuana.

Person packing a suitcase

How to stay healthy when traveling

Break is just around the corner and for some of us that means travel. Whether you’re heading out of town by car, bus, train or plane, there are a few things you should keep in mind to stay healthy when traveling. Sleep Between jumping time zones and hauling luggage, travel...

Girl looking at phone with frustration

3 things everyone should know about stalking

Sometimes it can be hard to know where to draw the line between annoying, clingy interactions and stalking. Here are a few things that everyone should know about stalking.

Photo of pillows and sheets on a recently slept-in bed.

Drinking and sex: Tricky questions (and surprising answers)

Navigating sex can be complicated, especially if alcohol or other drugs are involved. Here are answers to some of the trickier questions around drinking, sex and consent.