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CU Boulder programs prepare students, staff and faculty to respond to opioid crisis

CU Boulder is committed to preparing students, staff and faculty respond to the ongoing opioid crisis. Learn more about program impact and future plans for the upcoming academic year.

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3 things to know about recovery from alcohol and other drugs

Recovery can help us connect with others and give us a sense of belonging, support and purpose. Here are three things to know about recovery.

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6 ways to stay safe over St. Patrick's Day weekend

Planning to attend a St. Patrick’s Day party this weekend? Check out these tips to help keep yourself and your friends safe.

Photo of a person demonstrating how naloxone nasal spray works.

4 things everyone should know about naloxone

Students, staff and faculty can save lives with naloxone. Here are a few things to know about overdose prevention and naloxone availability on campus.

Photo of solo cups set up for a round of beer pong.

5 winter drinking safety tips

While it’s technically the beginning of spring semester, winter weather is likely to stick around for a few more months. Here are five winter tips to try if you plan on partying or drinking this semester.

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Let's talk about recovery and support

There are many reasons someone may enter recovery or identify as being in recovery. Let's dive into what recovery is and how we can be supportive of those living a life in recovery.

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How to Help a Friend with Disordered Eating

Eating disorders can be hard to talk about. They can be even harder to talk about when you’re concerned about a friend. Starting the conversation and connecting a friend to resources is important in getting them the help need.

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Is substance use affecting your relationships?

Making connections with others is an important part of the university experience. Drinking alcohol or using other drugs are sometimes seen as a vehicle for socializing*.