Girl holding a mug and writing in her journal as she looks out the window.

3 ways to practice self-care

In these difficult times, taking care of our mental and physical health has never been more important. Allowing ourselves the space and permission to take care of our needs can be incredibly relieving. Here are 3 ways you can start practicing self-care this week. 1.Make time for self-care Whether your...

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4 simple ways to stay motivated

With so many things to do and possibly a desire to do nothing at the same time, staying motivated can feel like a real struggle. Taking care of ourselves during times like these is especially important and can look different for everyone. If you’re hoping to get motivated, try out...

Girl laying on couch wearing headphones in a relaxed position looking at her phone.

5 things you can do to stress less this week

The right amount of stress can keep us motivated, but too much of it can take a toll on our physical and mental health. It’s important to find healthy ways to manage stress, especially as we approach finals week. Here’s some tips to help you stress less this week. #1...

Person eating yogurt, berries and granola while on a laptop.

Healthy Buffs: How to fuel up for finals

Whether you have papers, presentations or exams coming up, finals are demanding on our minds and bodies, especially given the recent changes. Eating healthy snacks and staying physically active can help us improve our retention of information, energy levels, concentration and mental health. Here are some great snack and activity...

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6 tips to make it through finals

Finals are almost here. Someone had to say it. Here are 6 tips to make it through finals.

Student study space with a laptop lecture, notebooks, cell phone and highlighters.

Study drugs: 5 things you should know

It’s that time of year again: finals. While this spring’s finals may look different from previous semesters, the stress of exams remains the same. As we prepare to bunker down and finish strong, it may seem tempting to use study drugs as an aid. If you choose to use, here are a few things you should know.

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Anxiety and sleep: Tips to get back to normal

Right now many of us are still adjusting to major changes to our way of life. As we prepare for finals and establish new routines, our sleep may be impacted more than usual. Whether you’ve found yourself sleeping in later, taking more naps, staying up late or fighting anxious thoughts,...

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Been ghosted? Here’s what you can do.

Chances are you know someone who has been ghosted or it has happened to you personally. “Ghosting” is when someone stops calling, texting or responding and it becomes clear the relationship has ended, sometimes abruptly. While it has become increasingly common in romantic relationships, people may also choose to ghost...

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What to do if you’re feeling burnt out

Grad school can be stressful, especially since so much has changed since the start of the semester. If you’re feeling stressed right now, that’s okay. Many of us are still adjusting to a new normal. Working to balance teaching, work, research, home obligations and our relationships can lead to burnout...

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5 things to look for in a healthy relationship

Whether you’ve been in a relationship before or this is your first, here are some things to look for in a healthy relationship. Open communication One indicator of a healthy relationship is the ability to communicate openly. Partners should be able to talk about how they’re feeling and empathize with...