Prescription drug capsules

Let's talk about Rx use: Recognizing and reversing an overdose

The misuse of and addiction to opioids is a national crisis. Knowing how to prevent and recognize an overdose, and how to respond to it, may save a life. Here's what you need to know.

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Should you work out when you're sick?

You just worked out all of the kinks in your workout routine and now…you’re sick. What do you do? Do you sweat through it or forsake the gym for a much-needed nap? Follow these tips.

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5 ways to fend off the flu

Viruses like the flu can last 7 to 10 days, meaning symptoms like a stuffy nose, body aches, fatigue and a sore throat stick around, it's all about staying as healthy as possible.

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3 tips for making New Year’s resolutions stick

To help you be more successful with your New Year’s resolutions, we're sharing some out-of-the-box tips for making resolutions that stick.

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Buff supporting Buffs: Helping a friend through trauma

It can be difficult to listen to a friend open up about a traumatic experience, and harder still to know how to respond. As part of their support system, you play a critical role in a survivor's recovery and well-being.

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Let's talk about Rx drug use: What is an opioid?

There are many reasons why someone may take a prescription medication. We know that these prescriptions are only safe when taken as directed by a medical professional for a specific health purpose, but for those who still choose to use outside of these conditions* there are some things to be...

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Making gains with your rest days

When it comes to classes or work, we recognize that a few days off can be recharging and renewing, but it's important to incorporate rest days from physical exercise, too. Learn more.

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Find your fit through intramural sports

What do basketball, curling, broomball, inner tube water polo, tennis and soccer have in common? They're just a few of the intramural sports on campus. Join to meet people, blow off steam, get in a workout, build new skills and more.

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3 Ways to Manage Stress and Anxiety

With the academic year in full swing, many of us find ourselves juggling schoolwork, social lives and work.

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Buffs supporting Buffs during Domestic Violence/Intimate Partner Abuse Awareness Month

Intimate partner abuse/domestic violence happens in all communities, and the way we respond to survivors matters, often influencing their decisions to seek out further help and affecting the healing process.