Photo of a faculty member giving a lecture to an auditorium full of students.

5 ways faculty can support students with disabilities

As we kick off the semester, you may start to receive disability accommodation letters from students. Here are things to know about supporting students with disabilities.

Photo of the "Welcome to Colorful Colorado" sign on a sunny bright day.

6 reminders for staying healthy in Colorado

High elevation and more extreme weather events can make Colorado hot, dry and a bit unpredictable. Here are six tips to help you stay healthy and safe this fall.

Photo of a girl laying on a bed of lush grass.

3 ways to tell if your self-care plan is actually working

It can be hard to know what self-care is supposed to look like. Here are some ways to tell if your self-care plan is actually working for you (and what to do if it’s not).

Photo of a person sitting down with sticky notes to set goals for the year.

Must-try tips for setting (and accomplishing) your goals

Do you have goals you’d like to accomplish this year? Here are a few tips and tricks to help you set up successful goals for 2023.

Photo of a student in distress sitting alone outside in cold weather.

4 things to do if you’re concerned about your student

Family members are often in a position to identify when their student is in distress and may be the first point of contact for advice or support. If you are concerned about your student, here are a few things you can do to support them.

Photo of a student and family member having a conversation.

Tips for navigating important conversations with your student

It's normal to have challenging or difficult conversations with your student as they transition into adulthood. Here are some tips for navigating these conversations in a healthy way.

Photo of three male students playing a drinking game.

4 things families should know about hazing

Sometimes, in our student’s efforts to make fast friends or join a particular group, they can find themselves in uncomfortable or dangerous situations. Here are a few things to know about hazing.

Photo of a person holding up their phone to display their app home screen.

12 free apps to help you make the most of this year

Sept. 2, 2022

Whether you're looking to improve your finances, relationships, mental health or well-being, here are some free apps to try this year.

Panoramic aerial photo overlooking Farrand Field and the surrounding buildings on campus.

3 ways to create lasting habits

Our habits can affect our attitudes, decisions, behaviors and overall health. Here are three ways you can create lasting habits this semester.

Photo of staff and faculty members posing with Chip at a CU event.

4 self-care questions for staff and faculty

The start of a new semester can be exciting and challenging. Here are a few questions to ask yourself to help you understand your relationship with self-care, what works for you right now and where to go from here.