Photo of solo cups set up for a round of beer pong.

5 winter drinking safety tips

While it’s technically the beginning of spring semester, winter weather is likely to stick around for a few more months. Here are five winter tips to try if you plan on partying or drinking this semester.

Photo of students enjoying a Halloween party in costumes.

9 ways to party smart on Halloween

Halloween weekend can be a time for costumes and parties. Check out these tips to help keep yourself and your friends safe.

Photo of three male students playing a drinking game.

4 things everyone should know about hazing

Sometimes, in our efforts to make fast friends or join a particular group, we can find ourselves in uncomfortable or dangerous situations. Here are 4 things everyone should know about hazing.

A prescription bottle tipped over on its side with a stream of white pills flowing out of it.

Drugs laced with fentanyl in Boulder: Tips to stay safe

Any drug not received from a pharmacy could contain fentanyl, including powders, pressed pills and capsules. Follow these tips to keep yourself and your friends safe.

Feet in grass

Let's talk about recovery and support

There are many reasons someone may enter recovery or identify as being in recovery. Let's dive into what recovery is and how we can be supportive of those living a life in recovery.

Prescription drug capsules

Let's talk about Rx use: Recognizing and reversing an overdose

The misuse of and addiction to opioids is a national crisis. Knowing how to prevent and recognize an overdose, and how to respond to it, may save a life. Here's what you need to know.

holiday lights

Getting Festive this Winter Break

From family dinners to ugly sweater parties, the holidays can be a time of celebrating, feasting and drinking. Here are a few things to consider when celebrating over winter break.

Students walking

Is substance use affecting your relationships?

Making connections with others is an important part of the university experience. Drinking alcohol or using other drugs are sometimes seen as a vehicle for socializing*.