While healthy eating—and healthy budgeting—look different for everyone, there’s something pretty great about a meal that hits all our major nutrient and costs just a couple bucks per serving. Here are a few ideas to get you going this week!

Garlic kale ricotta pizzaGarlicky kale and ricotta pizza: $0.90/serving

We’ll start with an easy one: homemade pizza. With necessary carbohydrates, protein and fats from the dough and toppings, a homemade pizza is an easy, filling option with plenty of leftovers. And you’ll only have one pan to wash!

Make your own dough to keep costs low—all you need is flour, yeast, sugar, salt, olive oil and water (many of which you might have on hand already). Then start building it to your specific needs. This recipe calls for iron-rich kale and heart-healthy garlic, along with a couple different cheeses, but you can throw on whatever you’re craving: olives, peppers, spinach or even chicken.


Vegetable bean soup15-bean soup: $0.65/serving

For colder weather or bigger groups of friends, this soup makes a huge protein-packed dinner. It’s full of fresh vegetables and spices and can easily be adapted for picky eaters (use your favorite beans, add meat if desired, leave out the celery if it isn’t your style).

Once you’re done chopping and prepping ingredients, it only takes one pot to come together. This particular recipe also freezes well, meaning you can save some for a night later this month when there just isn’t time to cook.


Loaded mash potato bowlLoaded mashed potato bowls: $1.68/serving

If you’re ready to upgrade from the basic baked potato, these bowls are a level up. The creamy mashed potato base has all your healthy carbs and fats, and when topped with black beans and cheddar cheese, you also get a protein punch. Add flavor with chili powder, peppers, sweet corn or barbecue sauce. Use chives and sour cream for a little something extra, too.

These bowls are great for a quick and easy lunch. You can also spice it up by using leftovers in your fridge!



Bacon and broccoli quicheBacon broccoli cheddar quiche: $0.79/serving

We’re big believers in eating breakfast, but we can also support eating breakfast food at any time of day. That’s why this quiche is such a great meal prep idea: You can freeze or pack individual slices, eat it for dinner, heat it up in the morning or share it with your roommate for an at-home brunch.

This recipe already has broccoli, but feel free to add in leftover spinach, tomatoes or whatever is on sale in the grocery store this week. The bacon will make it something to look forward to, and the veggies will get you the vitamins you need to finish the week strong!