M.A. Graduation Deadlines

  • If you plan to write a thesis, fill out the Master's Thesis Plan Information form.  You will need to provide your name, CU e-mail address, student ID, and select your program on the landing page. This form should be submited it by the apply to graduate deadline for the semester in which you plan to earn your degree.
  • apply online to graduate through buff portal on the “apply for graduation” card.
  • Candidacy Application
    • candidacy application can be competed after grades have been posted the semester before your graduate.
    • only list 30 hours of coursework you are applying to the MA (if you are writing a thesis, you will only need to list 24 hours of coursework).  If you have taken over the minimum number of required courses, you might be able to count any courses that you select as not counting toward your degree toward a second MA degree.
    • Notify your departmental Graduate Program Assistant (Karen) once you have submitted candidacy application
  • Schedule your thesis defense/final exam in your final semester based on MA graduation deadlines.  Use Doodle poll to schedule the exam. Once you have finalized the exam date, send exam date and committee members, indicating committee chair, to the Graduate Program Assistant (Karen) at least thre weeks before your defense.  If you are diong the non-thesis option, include the dates of your written exam.  Karen will submit the MA exam form for you.
  • Thesis Approval Form (TAF) You will need to attached your thesis and provide the name of your committee chair and one committee member.  Once you click on "submit" the form will be routed to your committee chair and committee member for approval.  Once form has been signed, you will receive a copy of the form that will need to be included when you submit your thesis. 
  • Submit your thesis online by the MA graduation deadlines.  You will need to include a copy of the signed Thesis Approval Form (TAF) when you submit your thesis.  Students are strongly encouraged to submit a draft of their thesis to the Graduate School for a prelmiinary formatting review, by emailing the thesis to gradinfo@colorado.edu.  See Specifications for a Master's thesis for information on formatting.  A final version of the thesis must be submitted online along with the Thesis Approval Form and approved by 5:00 p.m. on the deadline day.