Master’s Thesis Plan Information

Students completing a written thesis as part of their Master’s degree program must submit this form so that their record can accurately reflect their plan and associated requirements. Students pursuing a thesis plan will also register for Master’s thesis hours as appropriate and complete a thesis defense. Work closely with your department to determine the minimum and maximum thesis credit hour requirement for your degree.

The form should be submitted as early as possible in a student’s career, and at the latest should submit it by the deadline to apply to graduate for the semester in which the student plans to earn the degree. Deadlines and thesis information can be found on the Graduate School’s website. 

Note that students completing an art practices MFA creative thesis, music thesis project, or dance MFA project do not submit a written thesis and need not complete this form.

Endorsements Needed

The graduate program must endorse the form.

Information Needed 

Students will provide their name, CU e-mail address, student ID, and select their program on the landing page.  On the form, the student should read and sign the form indicating that their master’s degree will include the submission of a written thesis.

Submission & Routing Information

Students will receive notification upon submission, and the Master’s thesis plan form will be sent to the graduate program for endorsement.  After review by the Graduate School, the student and program will receive notification. 

Additional instructions here.

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