Time Management 101: Three Short Videos

Three essential time management strategies.

Time Tracking & Distraction Reductions

This workshop will introduce several skills to improve focus and schedule your time to be used most effectively for your top priorities with the ultimate goal of taking back your weekends and graduating earlier.

Watch Time Tracking & Distraction Reductions

Download the Time Tracking & Distraction Reductions PPT

Download the Action Plan

    Mastering your Habitual Tendencies

    The key to managing the graduate students lifestyle is in making your innate tendencies work for you. The goal of this workshop is to understand your innate habits and skills in order to harness your instincts to be more productive and effective. 

    Watch the Mastering Your Habitual Tendencies Webinar

    Theater Techniques for Engaging Scientific Presentations

    This workshop focuses on using theatre and performing arts techniques to help graduate students improve their presentation skills.

    Watch the Theater Techniques Webinar

    Download the Theater Techniques PowerPoint

    Transition from Student to Scholar

    Dr. Leslie Blood walks students through tips and tricks for making the transition from student to scholar. She focuses on confidence, imposter syndrome, and habit formation as a way to be the most efficient and productive student you can be.

    Watch Transition from Student to Scholar