Graduate Student Pregnancy & Parenting-Related Policy

The University of Colorado Boulder offers pregnancy & parenting-related academic adjustments, as well as paid leave for students on qualifying appointments.

Eligibility and Procedures

Childcare Resources

The CU Boulder Children's Center offers childcare options for children of CU affiliates 2.5 - 5 years of age. In addition, graduate students who are also employees have access to Bright Horizons Care Advantage, which includes preferred enrollment at certain childcare centers and a free Sittercity membership. 

Explore Childcare Options

Additional Resources for Parents (including location of Lactation rooms)

Parenting & Childcare Resources

Back-Up Child, Adult, and Elder Care

CU Boulder has partnered with Bright Horizons to help employees better manage work, family and personal responsibilities. Beginning April 1, 2022 permanent faculty, staff and graduate students on appointment have access to an added back-up care benefit through our existing Bright Horizons partnership. Bright Horizons Back-Up Care can be used anytime you need to be at work, but your family member needs assistance or support. Eligible employees can reserve high-quality child care in a center, or in-home care for child, adult, or elder relatives. 

Examples of when you may use back-up child care include: 

  • Your child’s school or center is closed.
  • You have a change in your work schedule and need in-home child care for evening and weekend hours.
  • You are in between child care arrangements.
  • Your regular caregiver is unavailable.

Examples of when you may use back-up adult and elder care include:

  • Your parent’s regular in-home care provider is unavailable.
  • Your mother-in-law is in the hospital and you would like someone to be with her for support.
  • Your spouse or partner (or other adult family member) is recovering from an injury or surgery and needs assistance.
  • You are recuperating from an injury or surgery and need assistance for yourself.

Visit the HR Website for Additional Details on Back Up Care