Published: June 18, 2020

We are pleased to announce the winners of this year's Graduate Excellence Awards! These awards were chosen from a competitive set of applications. We offer awards for teaching and research excellence each year to highlight the inspiring students that make up our campus community.

Teaching Excellence

  • Kate Hinshaw
  • Edu Montes Romero
  • Dustin Cook
  • Emily Nocito
  • Brendan Connell
  • Hillary Steinberg
  • Rachel Havranek
  • Sarah Schoonraad
  • Anthony Pinter
  • Kevin Mason
  • Jeremiah Osborne-Gowery
  • Urooj Raja
  • Josette Lorig
  • Bertha Bermudez Tapia
  • Laura Malaver
  • Arpan Das
  • Vincent Russell

Research Excellence

  • Xiaolei Huang
  • Christine Foxx
  • Emily Irvin
  • Caitrin Scarlett Engle