First-Year International Seminars

First-Year International Seminars introduce our students to cultural experiential learning. Help us:

  • Develop cultural perspective
  • Broaden cultural horizons
  • Provide unparalleled learning opportunities
  • Positively impact our students’ lives


We want to provide experiential learning that merges education with cultural context, and we need your help.

The First-Year International Seminar series is a unique set of courses offered to students in their first year at CU Boulder. The series focuses on experiential learning that provides real-world context to intriguing classroom conversation. Students of all academic disciplines spend a semester learning and exploring fascinating questions. In addition, students embark on a faculty-led international experience for seven to 10 days in a location relevant to the course. Here, students are immersed in the topic—the Renaissance, the French Revolution, Hispanic literature, Asian cultures—bringing it to life. At the end of the seminar, students gain a well-rounded, unforgettable educational experience.

Join us, and help students connect what they learn with what they experience.


Value to our students

The First-Year International Seminar series provides students with social and cultural context that complements their rigorous academic instruction.

  • Accessibility
    Our goal is that all students interested in a First-Year International Seminar have access to the opportunity.
  • Affordability 
    Students can forgo the additional costs related to an international educational experience.
  • Experience 
    Students immerse themselves in new cultures and develop an international network.
  • Perspective 
    International seminars help students see theory and conversation within a cultural context.


Value to our supporters

  • Expand your CU Boulder network
  • Help develop the next generation of leaders
  • Establish and support global collaboration and connection
  • Be a part of something transformational


Get involved.

They learned it, now help them live it.

Sponsor the seminar by providing funds for need-based scholarships for participating students. This helps us provide equal educational opportunities to all Buffs.

You can connect with our students and faculty in two ways:

  • Engage your network to help faculty members secure visits during the experience abroad.
  • Host an event at the international location where faculty and students will be traveling.

The Provost Office of Academic Innovation and the Office of Undergraduate Education work closely with the Global Ambassadors to explore locations where the Global Ambassadors are able to help faculty members develop exciting experiences for our students.

To get involved, please contact Manuel Laguna, Faculty Associate for Global Engagement.