Sidney Bush photo portrait
PhD Student of Geography • Hydrology • Ecohydrology • Geochemical transport processes • MA University of Colorado Boulder, 2018
Physical Geography

Recent Publications

Birch, AL, Stallard, RF, Bush, SA, and Barnard, HR. (2021), The influence of land cover and storm magnitude on hydrologic flowpath activation and runoff generation in steep tropical catchments of central Panama, Journal of Hydrology, 596,

Bush, SA, Stallard, RF, Ebel, BA, and Barnard, HR. (2020), Assessing plot‐scale impacts of land use on overland flow generation in Central Panama, Hydrological Processes, 34, 5043– 5069,

Avellaneda, PM, Jefferson, AJ, Grieser, JM, and Bush, SA. (2017), Simulation of the cumulative hydrological response to green infrastructure, Water Resources Research, 53, 3087– 3101,

Faculty Advisor: Holly Barnard

MA Thesis 2018 - Assessing the impact of land-use change on surface runoff generation within the Panama Canal Watershed