Field work in north central Kenya

April 20, 2023

A camel train passing along the main street in Isiolo town in July 2022 on the way to non-traditional grazing. In July 2022, John O’Loughlin (Professor) and Sarah Posner (graduate student) with Terry McCabe (Institute of Behavioral Science) conducted field work in Isiolo, north-central Kenya as part of an extensive...

Group of 7 people posing in Africa

Sarah Posner & John O'Loughlin: East Africa Climate Change

In 2008 and 2009, a severe drought swept through much of Kenya and Tanzania. Nomadic herders, or pastoralists, such as the Maasai people in Tanzania, pushed south in search of greener expanses, bringing tens of thousands of cattle with them. What happened next was largely unprecedented: Locals from a region...

A herd of camels walking down the road

Climate Change, Food Security, Conflict and Cooperation: Results from a 2019-2021 Panel Survey in Isiolo, Northern Kenya

Oct. 29, 2021

John O'Loughlin Professor, Department of Geography University of Colorado Boulder Sarah Posner PhD Student of Geography University of Colorado Boulder October 29, 2021 GUGG 205, 3:30 PM Abstract: The extent of climate change effects on the potential for violence is uncertain. Research has focused on poor countries, especially in Sub-Saharan...

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