Arctic tundra with mountain landscape backdrop

Alpine tundra releases long-frozen CO2

April 2, 2019

Thawing permafrost in high-altitude mountain ecosystems may be a stealthy, underexplored contributor to atmospheric carbon dioxide emissions, new CU Boulder research shows. The new findings, published today in the journal Nature Communications, show that alpine tundra in Colorado’s Front Range emits more CO2 than it captures annually, potentially creating a...

Graphic of sky, ocean, land, volcano, mountains, city, farmland with arrows showing how each affects the other

GEOG 3601 / ATOC 3600 / ENVS 3600 Principles of Climate

This course describes the basic components of the climate system: the atmosphere, ocean, cyrosphere, and lithosphere. We will investigate the basic physical processes that determine climate and the link between the components of the climate system. Emphasis is placed on the hydrologic cycle and its role in climate, climate stability,...

Prof finds reasons for climate hope

Feb. 17, 2016

When Peter Blanken flew to Paris for the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference in December, he had somewhat low expectations. “Going into it, I felt pessimistic,” says Blanken, associate professor of geography at the University of Colorado Boulder, who was one of 10 official observers selected by the Association...

Lighthouse Study Tracks Evaporation

March 6, 2014

Peter Blanken and Christopher Spence of Environment Canada say information they are gathering about the Great Lakes this winter bodes well for water levels this summer, and a better understanding of water loss on the lakes could yield helpful forecasting for marinas and the shipping industry.

Research Looks at Lakes in New Way

July 4, 2013

Miles Offshore, Are Lighthouse Cribs Beginning to Rot from Air Exposure? Professor Peter Blanken's research on the Great Lakes takes a new look at Winter Evaporation as Key Process in Water Levels. This research is featured in an article from the July 4, 2013 The St. Ignace News.

Peter Blanken Receives College Scholar Award

Dec. 7, 2012

The College Scholars program is funded through the generosity of donors to the College of Arts & Sciences. The award enables enables tenured faculty to pursue full time research/creative scholarly activities for one semester. Peter is 1 of 10 recipients of the prestigious award. He will use the award to...

Department Receives ASSETT Award

Jan. 24, 2012

The Department of Geography received an Assett (Arts and Sciences Support of Education Through Technology) award relating to the use of technology primarily for teaching and learning. The funding will be used to implement the use of mobile web and applications into many of the Geography course labs and recitations...