Monica Rother Portrait
Ph.D. 2015
Physical Geography

Areas of interest: Biogeography; wildfire; climate; dendrochronology
Faculty Advisor: Tom Veblen


2015 - Conifer regeneration after wildfire in low-elevation forests of the Colorado Front Range: Implications of a warmer, drier climate

Research Interests

I am a forest ecologist with expertise in biogeography, disturbance ecology, global change ecology, and fire history. As a member of the Biogeography Lab, directed by Thomas T. Veblen, my dissertation work addresses spatial and temporal patterns of post-fire conifer regeneration in low-elevation forests of the Colorado Front Range. I tackle my research questions using a variety of methodologies including experiments, field surveys, and tree-ring methods. Overall my aim as a researcher is to inform forest management in the context of ongoing climate and land-use changes.

Selected Publications

Rother, M.T. and Grissino-Mayer, H.D. (2014). Climatic influences on fire regimes in ponderosa pine forests of the Zuni Mountains, New Mexico, USA. Forest Ecology and Management 322, 69-77.

Publications updated December 2014