Vladimir Putin sits between actor Steven Seagal, left, and Russian mixed martial artist Fedor Emelianenko, right, at a martial arts competition in Russia in 2012. (Credit: CC photo via Wikimedia Commons)

John O'Loughlin: Who supports Putin? Men, older generations and traditionalists, study shows

Dec. 3, 2023

An international team of researchers has released an exhaustive look at support for Russia’s autocratic President Vladimir Putin across several neighboring countries. The study, published Nov. 30 in the journal Political Geography, was a massive effort. From 2019 to 2020, researchers led by John O’Loughlin at CU Boulder contracted with...


Field work in north central Kenya

April 20, 2023

A camel train passing along the main street in Isiolo town in July 2022 on the way to non-traditional grazing. In July 2022, John O’Loughlin (Professor) and Sarah Posner (graduate student) with Terry McCabe (Institute of Behavioral Science) conducted field work in Isiolo, north-central Kenya as part of an extensive...

Group of 7 people posing in Africa

Sarah Posner & John O'Loughlin: East Africa Climate Change

In 2008 and 2009, a severe drought swept through much of Kenya and Tanzania. Nomadic herders, or pastoralists, such as the Maasai people in Tanzania, pushed south in search of greener expanses, bringing tens of thousands of cattle with them. What happened next was largely unprecedented: Locals from a region...

Ukrainian servicemen get ready to repel an attack in Ukraine's Lugansk region on February 24, 2022.  ANATOLII STEPANOV

John O'Loughlin: Russia's Attack on Ukraine

April 25, 2022

Ukrainian servicemen get ready to repel an attack in Ukraine's Lugansk region on February 24, 2022. ANATOLII STEPANOV In the early morning hours of February 24, 2022, Vladimir Putin launched his attack on Ukraine – or as Ukrainians put it, started the re-invasion of Ukraine. The first invasion dates from...

Women wave out window as they are about to leave by train

Professor John O'Loughlin: Do people in Donbas want to be ‘liberated’ by Russia?

April 18, 2022

Reprinted from The Washington Post , April 15, 2022 Women wave to relatives as they are about to leave by train at Slowansk central station, in the Donbas region on Tuesday, amid the Russian invasion of Ukraine. (Ronaldo Schemidt/AFP via Getty Images) (Afp Contributor#afp/AFP/Getty Images) We surveyed people in Ukraine’s...

Small boy standing next to soldiers

John O'Loughlin: Will Russia recognize the independence of two eastern Ukraine republics? Here’s what people there think.

Feb. 18, 2022

Those who live in the Donbas region care more about bread-and-butter issues, our latest surveys reveal. At the heart of the current Russia-Ukraine crisis is the long-standing conflict in the Donbas region in eastern Ukraine, divided since 2014 into separate territories controlled by the Ukrainian government and by Russian-backed separatists...

John O'Loughlin overlooks the Maidan Nezalezhnosti in Kyiv where much of the Maidan protests took place in 2014.

John O'Loughlin: As tensions in Ukraine increase, researcher worries for its people

Jan. 28, 2022

This week, the Pentagon announced that it was placing roughly 8,500 U.S. troops on “heightened alert”—a step toward potentially deploying them to friendly European nations near the Russian border. The move is the latest escalation surrounding Ukraine, an Eastern Europe nation home to about 44 million people. Late last year,...

NATO flag

Professor John O'Loughlin: Ukrainians in our survey weren’t enthusiastic about NATO exercises close to Russia

Jan. 21, 2022

The Kremlin’s defense strategy depends on keeping a buffer between the Russian heartland and Europe Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned the United States and NATO against encroaching in Russia’s backyard. Specific Russian concerns include Western support to the Ukrainian government that involves military training, procurement , exercises, infrastructure and...

A herd of camels walking down the road

Climate Change, Food Security, Conflict and Cooperation: Results from a 2019-2021 Panel Survey in Isiolo, Northern Kenya

Oct. 29, 2021

John O'Loughlin Professor, Department of Geography University of Colorado Boulder Sarah Posner PhD Student of Geography University of Colorado Boulder October 29, 2021 GUGG 205, 3:30 PM Abstract: The extent of climate change effects on the potential for violence is uncertain. Research has focused on poor countries, especially in Sub-Saharan...

Man standing in front of projection screen speaking to people sitting at a table

Faculty News Spring 2021

May 3, 2021

Waleed Abdalati testified to Congress for the House Select Committee on the Climate Crisis. Waleed Abdalati On April 15, 2021, Professor Abdalati testified in a hearing held by the U.S. House of Representatives Select Committee on the Climate Crisis. The hearing was titled “Making the Case for Climate Action: The...