Jochen Wendel
Ph.D. 2014

Areas of interest: GIS, Cartography, Self-Organizing Maps, Multimedia Visualization
Faculty Advisor: Barbara Buttenfield


2014 - An Evaluation of Organization Methods for Data Types Commonly Used in the Geographic Domain

Research Interests

My research interests include Self-Organizing Maps (SOM) and Data Mining. SOMs are an artificial neural network classification technique for very large data sets. The SOM algorithm organizes data based on similarity where similarity is analogous to distance. In my PhD thesis I am working on a Self-Organizing Online Catalog of GIScience resources which are based on the SOM method. My other research interests include Air Transportation, Cartography and Multimedia Visualization. Currently I am also working on a project involving the refinement of micro-census data as well as teaching GEOG 3053 (Cartography and Information Design).