Jamie Humphrey Portrait
Ph.D. 2015
Human Geography

Areas of interest: Neighborhoods & Health; Contextual effects on child & adolescent health; Longitudinal health effects
Faculty Advisor: Elisabeth Root


2015 - Neighborhood Effects on Behavioral and Educational Trajectories of U.S. Children and Adolescents

Selected Publications

E.D. Root and J.L. Humphrey. (2014). The impact of childhood mobility on exposure to neighborhood socioeconomic context over time. American Journal of Public Health 104(1).

F. Riosmena, J.L. Humphrey, E.D. Root, E. Steiner, R. Stubbs. (2013). Understanding the mixed bag of Hispanic and Mexican-American Health. Stanford Center of Poverty and Inequality.

M.A. Crary, J.L. Humphrey, G.D. Carnaby-Mann, L. Miller, R. Sambandam, S. Silliman. (2013). Dysphagia, nutritional status and hydration in ischemic stroke patients at admission and discharge from acute care. Dysphagia 28(1): 69-76.

K.A. Devine, E.A. Storch, G.R. Geffken, M. Freddo, J.L. Humphrey, J.H. Silverstein. (2008). Prospective study of peer victimization and social-psychological adjustment in children with endocrine disorders. Journal of Child Health Care 12(1): 76-86.

J.L. Humphrey, E.A. Storch, G.R. Geffken. (2007). Peer victimization in children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Journal of Child Health Care 11(3): 248-260.

Publications updated April 2014