Galen Maclaurin Portrait
Ph.D. 2015 • M.A. 2011

Areas of interest: Interactive cartography; Animated visualizations
Faculty Advisor: Stefan Leyk


2011 - Mapping perceptions of safety and danger in Medellin, Columbia: A study in the perceptual geography of urban crime

2015 - Reverse engineering the National Land Cover Database: a machine learning algorithm for extending land cover data in the spatial and temporal domains.

Research Interests

My research interests are in modeling Spatial and temporal processes by intersecting GIScience, remote sensing, and spatial statistics. I am currently working on an information extraction methodology to produce annual land cover data from NLCD, employing change detection techniques from remote sensing and Fuzzy Set theory. Underlying this research are questions regarding data quality, uncertainty, and efficiency in analyzing large datasets. I also do research in demographic modeling and spatial methodologies for human geography. In particular, I am interested in how models of population-environment interactions perform differently at multiple scales of analysis.

Faculty Advisors: Stefan Leyk and Fernando Riosmena