Aleksander Berg
PhD Student of Geography • uantitative Social Science & Land Systems Science • M.A. in Geography Arizona State University & B.A. in Geography and Environmental Studies UCLA

Research Interests

Born and raised in California, I am all too familiar with the effects of wildfire. I use quantitative tool-set fused with a theoretical framework from economic geography to advance research essential to prepare society for the imminent threats of climate change and related natural hazards. I am currently working on quantifying the economic & societal implications of urban expansion into high wildfire risk areas. There is a need to understand how society’s decisions, like housing development into high wildfire risk wildland areas puts not only those communities at risk but adds an externalized burden on all of society.

Honors and Awards

Chancellor’s Service Award: University of California Los Angeles

Recent Publications

Connor, D. S., Berg, A., Kemeny, T., Kedron, P. (Forthcoming) “Who gets left behind by left behind places?”, Cambridge Journal of Regions, Economy and Society.