My name is Molly Guiney, and I graduated in 2021 with a master’s degree specializing in fluvial geomorphology. Advised by Dr. Katherine Lininger, I studied how landscape disturbances, such as floods and fires, can influence the deposition of wood onto floodplains in the Colorado Front Range. 

My time at CU Boulder was incredibly important in building what I call my “geomorphic toolkit,” and my experiences gave me the confidence to continue developing as a geomorphologist in Colorado. After graduation, I began my own freelance consulting business to work for and with local consultants dedicated to improving stream function and watershed health. For the past two years, I have worked on a variety of projects on streams across the state, including the Yampa River (Steamboat Springs), Coal Creek (Crested Butte), and the Colorado River (Grand Junction). Some of my most interesting projects have included mapping watersheds to identify hazardous areas that people may be unaware of, such as alluvial fans. Other projects assessed watersheds for their potential in reducing post-wildfire impacts on communities. One of my favorite tasks, however, was building imitation beaver dams (beaver dam analogs)!

Most recently, I bade Colorado farewell and moved to Seattle, WA to work as a Fluvial Geomorphologist for Jacobs. In this role, I will be assessing streams for the purpose of improving salmon passage through bridge and culvert crossings, as well as working on stream restoration projects in the Pacific Northwest. I cannot wait! 

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