Published: Aug. 30, 2021
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  • Moderator: Emily Yeh, Professor, Department of Geography and President, American Association of Geographers
  • Panelist 1:  Scott Adler, Professor, Department of Political Science and Dean of the Graduate School, CU Boulder
  • Panelist 2: Julia Jackson, Public Information Officer and Redistricting Analyst, Colorado Independent Redistricting Commission
  • Panelist 3: Seth Spielman, Professor of Geography and Chief Data Officer, Office of Data Analytics, CU Boulder
  • Panelist 4: Amanda Gonzalez, Executive Director, Colorado Common Cause
  • Coordinator: Caitlin Ryan, Instructor and Geocivics Education Coordinator, CU Boulder


After 10 years with our country’s current congressional and state district maps, the time has come to redraw the lines, and it is imperative that constituents of every state have a seat at the table during the redistricting process. This panel, which is part of the American Association of Geographer’s series in redistricting  will equip geographers (including undergraduate and graduate students, K-12 educators and GIS students) and others with the tools and knowledge needed to participate as Colorado's Independent Redistricting Commission draws new state legislative and congressional maps this fall. After the panel, attendees will be able to answer basic questions about Colorado's process, understand what is at stake in Colorado, how different redistricting criteria affect the outcomes of representation, and how local groups are leveraging "communities of interest" to advocate for greater minority representation in state politics.  Attendees will also become familiar with online mapping groups available to the public to submit maps to Colorado’s Independent Commission. By activating our collective power as a community, we can set new expectations this year and show why geospatial thinkers are indispensable.

If not attending in person, online registration is available at: 

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