A hand holding the GEOG logo with the words "Our future is in your hands" and "Charitable Giving"Thank You! The Department of Geography is grateful to its alumni and friends for their financial support over the years. Our donors have had a big impact, making a difference not only to the Department as a whole, but to the lives of many individual students. As we strive for higher standards and more and better opportunities for our students, we depend on the caring and generous nature of alumni and friends like you to meet these increasing financial needs.

We realize that COVID19 and its effects have been hard on everybody. However, if you are in a relatively resilient financial situation, your support now will go a particularly long way for those who are most precarious and who have been most severely affected, including some of our students. 

Your gift to the Department of Geography can take many different shapes. The information below may help you find the type of gift that best meets your needs, the impact you want, and the way you want to give. The CU Foundation can also assist you with your needs, be they for targeted or unrestricted programs.