Published: Nov. 22, 2019
Colloquium poster with date and time

John O’Loughlin
Professor of Geography and Fellow, Institute of Behavioral Science
Chair, CU-Boulder Standing Committee on Research Misconduct

Greater attention to issues of research misconduct has been evident in universities, funding agencies and amongst the public.   Like other research-intensive institutions, CU Boulder has clear guidelines about misconduct and procedures to adjudge allegations from both inside and outside the campus. Falsification and fabrication of data and results, as well as plagiarism, constitute the usual trifecta of misconduct understanding.  However, many other related matters such as ethical behaviors in the lab and in the field, IRB expectations, co-authorship disputes, graduate research assistant publication rewards, violations of expected practices in publishing results, and retaliation against persons making honest claims of misconduct fall into grey areas of misconduct.   The colloquium reviews the current expectations and a question-answers focus will clarify these issues

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