Published: Dec. 1, 2017

Mountain sceneryThe Colorado Rockies span an elevation range of more than 2000 m, extending from the foothills with limited winter snow up to high mountain slopes, where snow lasts most of the year. This talk will cover catchment to regional-scale research that addresses questions about where, when, and how tributary streams flow into to the large rivers draining the Rockies. At regional scale the presentation will illustrate how streamflow volumes, runoff ratios, peak flow sources, and flow intermittence vary between small watersheds in different elevation/climate zones. The talk will focus in on example watersheds in each zone to illustrate streamflow generation processes and patterns and explore potential geologic influences on when and where streams flow. Overall, the presentation will demonstrate the importance of a geographic perspective on streamflow generation; this perspective can help us design monitoring campaigns best targeted for understanding how climate, geology, and land cover affect streamflow patterns and processes.  

Stephanie Kampf
CSU Department of Ecosystem Science and Sustainability

Hosted by Suzanne Anderson