Published: Nov. 29, 2016 By

Geography is a holistic and interdisciplinary field, which brings together students and educators from a wide variety of backgrounds, experiences, and training. Our teaching and research activities reflect core values of mutual respect, honesty, and free and thoughtful expression. Our department offers a wide range of courses that touch on many relevant contemporary issues including climate change, immigration, nationalism, and racism to name just a few. We are passionate about our teaching and research in these and other areas, as we expect others are about their work. Maintaining a climate of inclusiveness where respectful, open-minded debate is possible is at the core of what it means to be a member of our department, and our campus. 

These values have come into sharp focus in the turbulent aftermath of the recent election. We echo and endorse the calls from university leaders for tolerance, collegiality, and respectful interaction. 

To be clear, we cannot and will not condone any form of hateful speech or action in the classroom or on campus.