Students entering the French BAM Program must meet all of the basic requirements of both the ordinary BA and Track 2 non thesis MA. (See departmental guidelines.) This amounts to:

  • 30 undergraduate credit hours in French, including the Senior Seminar and Senior Essay, or in the case of Honors candidates, 36 undergraduate credit hours, including FREN 3200 and at least one semester of independent study (FREN 4840) in preparation for the Senior Honors Thesis;
  • The equivalent of four semesters of a second foreign language (students able to demonstrate fourth-semester proficiency in a second language may place out of this requirement);
  • Two 4000-level courses in a “related field,” i.e., a discipline other than French (e.g., Classics, Comparative Literature & Humanities, East Asian Languages & Civilizations, English, Art History, Germanic & Slavic Languages & Literatures, Spanish & Portuguese, but also, depending on particular student’s interests, Anthropology, History, Philosophy, or Sociology);
  • 24 graduate credit hours in French (because of six-hour overlap with CU undergraduate upper division courses);
  • Satisfactory performance in the MA Comprehensive Examination in the spring of the 5th year.