Students can obtain a French minor in one of two ways:

  1. Students can start with FREN 2120 then take 15 credits of upper-division electives.
  2. Students can take 18 credits total of upper-devision electives if they test above FREN 2120.

A total of 18 hours is required for the minor. All other courses counted for the minor must be numbered 3000 or above. Courses taught by the department in English do not, in general, apply to the minor, with the exception of FREN 3200. Prerequisite for admission to courses for the minor is completion of Level III French — second year college French (at CU, FREN 2110) — or equivalent.

Note: FREN 3050 is a prerequisite for almost all courses at level 3100 or above. FREN 3110-3120 are prerequisites for almost all courses at level 4060 or above. See University of Colorado at Boulder Catalog Course Descriptions for specific prerequisites for each course.

A maximum of six hours upper-division credit may be transferred from other universities or non-CU Education Abroad programs. Courses taken on CU Education Abroad programs are considered to be CU credit, and are not subject to this limitation.

All courses for minor credit must be taken FOR A GRADE. The only exception to this rule is course credit, which although taken for a grade, is recorded Pass/Fail on the student’s transcript (this includes transfer credit from accredited universities and courses taken on CU Education Abroad programs).

Students must earn a minimum grade of C- in all courses counted for the minor.

Declare a French Major/Minor

To declare a French major or minor, please go to your Buff Portal Advising for a drop-in appointment with French advisor, Christine Luft.