As the FCQ program moves to an online platform, instructors have voiced concerns with the possibility of lower online response rates. In an effort to address these concerns, the FCQ program has provided the 7 minute video training below, and also a list of quick tips that instructors can implement in their classes.

Below you will find recommended actions for faculty that wish encourage higher response rates on their online FCQ.

  1. Administer the online FCQ in class as if it were paper: Set aside 15 minutes at the beginning of a class time during the administration window for students to participate via laptop, cell phone or tablet by visiting This is the number one thing instructors can do to encourage student participation.
  2. Promote before and during administration: Remind students of the administration window before and during the window. This can be done in person, via email and through other means like D2L or Blackboard.
  3. Anonymity reminder: Remind students that responses are still anonymous to their instructor(s).
  4. Offer micro incentives: Monitor course response rates at and consider offering micro incentives (e.g. if the course reaches 80% participation receive a free 100 on a homework assignment). 
  5. Offer proof of change: Offer evidence of FCQ results being used in your department and/or courses. One way to also show proof of change is to administer a mid-term mini-FCQ. Leading up to the end of term FCQ, instructor(s) can administer a mid-term mini-FCQ using Qualtrics or Survey Monkey that leads to observable changes in teaching practice.

The training video covers:

  • FCQ program efforts to promote FCQ participation
  • Proven practices that can be adopted by instructors in their classrooms to help improve response rates
  • Information about the new Campus Labs platform