FCQ results are available by instructor, course, department or college using the links below.

Summer 2018 Results

FCQ results for summer will be made available on Monday, September 3 (tentative). Summer batch reports will be distributed on Wednesday, September 19 (tentative).

Fall 2017 / Spring 2018 Results

FCQ reports for spring 2018 were made available to instructors and departments on Wednesday, May 16 (Boulder), and Thursday, May 17 (Denver, Colorado Springs) 2018.

FCQ reports for fall 2017 were made available to instructors and departments on Friday, Jan. 12, 2018.

Students: please use the "New online beta reporting tool" below. You do not have access to the individual or department reports.

Results can be accessed in the following ways:

  • Individual reports: Faculty and administrators can view and download individual faculty reports through the Campus Labs faculty portal and administrator portal respectively.
  • Department reports: PDFs of all relevant reports were sent to departments for review and archiving purposes. These are the same as the individual reports, but compiled for convenience.
  • New online beta reporting tool: Tableau dashboards featuring results and comparison data are now available and are similar to the prior FCQ results requester. For more detail about filters and views within the dashboard, view our instructions PDF.
  • Comparison data (all campuses): To compare your results with other classes, do the following:
    • Go to your Campus Labs portal: faculty portal or administrator portal
    • Choose a course from "My Courses" > "View Results" (not the summary report)
    • Click on the "Segment Comparison" tab
    • You will initially see a single dot, which represents your results
    • From the dropdown menu (which defaults to "No Segment"), you can select your comparison group
    • On the top-right of the page you can print out the report or save to PDF
      • Note: the comparisons are only for core questions (they are not measured for custom questions)
  • Comparison data (Boulder Charts): For Boulder campus only:
    • Go to the Boulder Charts reporting tool: https://public.tableau.com/profile/fcq.office#!/vizhome/FCQCharts/BoulderCharts
    • View comparisons at a macro level (all instructor- and course-related questions) or micro level (all questions individually)
    • Compare classes by college, department or subject, or filter by instructor, instructor group or class level
    • Data visualization allows for quick, easy comparisons
    • View by all semesters or single semesters (has data fall 2017 and later)
    • Watch a tutorial on how to use Boulder Charts: https://www.colorado.edu/fcq/tutorials
      • Note: the comparisons are only for core questions (they are not measured for custom questions)
  • Instructor/Department summaries: For Boulder campus only:

Fall 2006 - Summer 2017 Results

Boulder FCQ results

Colorado Springs FCQ results

Denver FCQ results

(To find and view results before fall 2006, please go to the forms and reports page and follow the instructions under the "Requesting FCQ section reports from before fall 2006" heading.)