FBS Look Ahead is a weekly email communication relaying all the important happenings accross FBS and beyond. Not recieving the Look Ahead? Want to share something in next week's Look Ahead? Contact for help.

FBS Water Cooler is a Microsoft Teams chat group for FBS employees to connect outside of work-related topics. Contact if you would like to join the fun!

Staff Programs

FBS Fellows is an 8-month professional development program available to staff at all levels in FBS that launched in 2019. Each month during the program, FBS Fellows participate in dynamic presentations and exercises in areas such as Growth Mindset, Inclusive Excellence, Vivid Visioning, and more. An excellent opportunity to get to know FBS staff from other units, FBS Fellows is designed to cultivate community, inclusive excellence, and growth. Visit the website for more information.

FBS Dialogues is a partnership started in 2020 with CU Dialogues that offers FBS staff an opportunity to engage in an intentional space for conversations about equity, institutionalized racism, and building community. All FBS staff are invited to participate in several structured dialogues during the year. FBS staff interested in developing interpersonal skills in dialogue may apply to serve as FBS Dialogue Leaders. FBS Dialogue Leaders work with CU Dialogues faculty and PhD students to design and facilitate the dialogues for their co-workers. Visit the website for more information.

WEST is a program for FBS leadership staff about "Working Effectively in Small Teams." Created by Pluralistic Networks, WEST helps teams rapidly develop skills they need to be effective through online training, virtual learning labs, and on-demand guides. This is a 12-week immersive program requiring approximately 2-3 hours per week. Contact for more information.