Finance and Business Strategy works to ensure the University of Colorado Boulder has a strategic, systematic, and comprehensive approach to all areas of resource planning and management. We provide useful information and analysis to assist academic and administrative units on campus with informed and effective decision-making, financial strategy, and actionable intelligence for business operations.

Finance and Business Strategy is made up of the following areas:

•    Auxiliary Services 
•    Budget & Fiscal Planning
•    Campus Controller
•    Data Analytics

Organizational Chart

The Associate Vice Chancellor for Finance and Business Strategy reports to the Senior Vice Chancellor and Chief Financial Officer. Finance and Business Strategy is a part of CU Boulder's Strategic Resources and Support team.

Finance and Business Strategy Mission:

Through collaboration, we connect ideas, resources and decisions that drive CU Boulder’s success. We do this through community engagement, stewardship of financial resources, and data-supported decision making.

Campus Strategic Imperatives:

1.) Shape Tomorrow's Leaders

Finance and Business Strategy is committed to being CU Boulder's go-to resource for strategic resource planning, financial management, and decision-support. Our subject matter experts provide high-level service, anticipating needs, so faculty, staff, and students can focus on the academic mission of the campus.

2.) Be the Top University for Innovation

Finance and Business Strategy provides useful information and analytics to help academic and administrative units at CU Boulder make informed and effective decisions. Through collaboration, community engagement, and intelligent analysis, we strive to make CU Boulder into one of the most innovative and solution-focused campuses in the nation.

3.) Positively Impact Humanity

Finance and Business Strategy works to build a stronger CU community, in Boulder and beyond, by improving the way our campus operates and interacts with the world. We are committed to strategic business practices, impactful decision assistance, and financial stewardship of the highest integrity.