Research Group

Evan Dicks
Evan Dicks
PhD Student
Victor Galotti
Victor Galotti
Ph.D. Candidate

Notable Alumni

Eric Antillon
Eric Antillón
Risk Management Associate, PPM • Graduated 2016
Arthur speaking at a podium for the 2016 Design Build Conference
Arthur Antoine
Senior Project Manager • Graduated 2017
Alfonso Bastias in a white button up shirt and yellow tie smiling against a bush
Alfonso Bastias
Visiting Professor • Graduated 2006
University of Colorado
Wesam Beitelmal
Wesam Beitelmal
Assistant Professor • Graduated 2016
Dhofar University
Susan in a red vest smiling against a gray background
Susan Bogus
Associate Professor • Graduated 2003
University of New Mexico
Maria Calahorra
Maria Calahorra
Assistant Professor • Graduated 2020
Fresno State
Douglas in a suit smiling against a gray background
Douglas Gransberg
Professor • Graduated 2004
Iowa State University
Christofer Harper in a gray suit against a dark gray background
Christopher Harper
Associate Professor • Graduated 2014
Colorado State University
Elizabeth Kraft
Elizabeth Kraft
Quality and Technical Assurance Director, VP • Graduated 2013
Atkins, Denver, CO
Harrison Mesa
Harrison Mesa
Assistant Professor • Graduated 2016
Catholic University of Chile, Santiago, Chile
Elif Oguz Erkal
Elif Oguz Erkal
Senior Associate | Exponent • Graduated 2022
Amalia smiling against a white background
Amalia Sanz
Associate Professor • Graduated 2016
Polytechnic Institute of Valencia, Valencia, Spain
Jennifer Shane in a suit smiling against a gray background
Jennifer Shane
Associate Professor • Graduated 2006
Iowa State University
Michael Stanford in a military uniform smiling with the American flag in the background
Matthew Stanford
Graduated 2017
Dan Tran in a suit smiling with a bookcase in the background
Dan Tran
Assistant Professor • Graduated 2013
University of Kansas