• New project: we are on a team with U of Washington (lead), NREL and Wolfspeed in a 3-year project sponsored by DOE Solar Energy Technology Office to develop Modular Wide-bandgap String Inverters for Low-cost Medium-voltage Transformerless PV Systems.

  • New project: we are leading a team (with Toyota, Wolfspeed, and NREL) in a 3-year project sponsored by ARPA-E CIRCUITS program. The project is focused on High-Voltage High-Reliability Scalable Architecture for EV Power Electronics.

  • Papers presented at the IEEE 19th Workshop on Control and Modeling for Power Electronics (COMPEL 2018), Padova, Italy:

    • M. Khatua, A. Kumar, D. Maksimović and K. K. Afridi, "A High-Frequency LCLC Network Based Resonant DC-DC Converter for Automotive LED Driver Applications"

    • J. Zhu and D. Maksimović, "Dynamic Modeling of a Hybrid Switched-Capacitor-Based Converter with Phase-Shift Control"

    • K. J. Goodrick and D. Maksimović, "Systematic Optimization of Multiple Voltage Domain DC Distribution Architectures"

    • U. Anwar and D. Maksimović, "A Unified Approach to Modeling High-Frequency Effects in Current Mode Controlled Pulse Width Modulated Switching Converters"

    • P. Achanta, M. Sinha, B. Johnson, S. Dhople and D. Maksimovic, "Self-synchronizing Series-connected Inverters"

  • Papers presented at the IEEE Applied Power Electronics Conference and Exposition (APEC 2018), San Antonio, TX: 

    • P. K. Achanta, D. Maksimovic and M. Ilic, "Decentralized control of series stacked bidirectional DC-AC modules"

    • P. Achanta, D. Maksimovic and B. Johnson, "Cascaded quadruple active bridge structures for multilevel DC to three-phase AC conversion"

    • S. Mukherjee, A. Sepahvand and D. Maksimović, "High-frequency LC3L resonant DC-DC converter for automotive LED driver applications"

    • J. Zhu, H. Kim, H. Chen, R. Erickson and D. Maksimović, "High efficiency SiC traction inverter for electric vehicle applications"


  • New project: we are working with NREL on a 2-year project focused on Wide-Bandgap Modular Architecture for Medium Voltage Energy Conversion in Utility-Scale Wind and Solar.

  • New project: we are working on Converter Topologies and Control for Multiple-voltage-domain Power Distribution in a project sponsored by Lockheed Martin.

  • Papers presented at IEEE COMPEL 2017

    • A. Sepahvand et al., "Current control and PWM dimming in an automotive LED driver based on a Ćuk converter," 

    • Y. Liu, A. Kumar, S. Pervaiz, D. Maksimovic and K. K. Afridi, "A high-power-density low-profile DC-DC converter for cellphone battery charging applications," 

    • U. Anwar, D. Maksimović and K. K. Afridi, "A simple control architecture for four-switch buck-boost converter based power factor correction rectifier,"

  • (11/10/2017) Congratulations to Fan Zhang who successfully completed his Ph.D. thesis on Modeling and Control of a Modular Battery Management System for Lithium-Ion Battery Packs

  • (3/20/2017) Congratulations to Ali Sepahvand who successfully completed his Ph.D. thesis on High Frequency DC-DC Power Conversion for Automotive LED Driver Applications


  • New project: we are working on a team led by USU, and including UCCS and NREL on a two-year project focused on Modeling, Control and Design of Bypass Converters for Plug-and-Play Energy Storage Architecture sponsored by ONR.

  • (07/15/2016) Congratulations to Andy Hoke who successfully completed his Ph.D. thesis on Electric Vehicle Charge Optimization Including the Costs of Battery Wear, and Active Power Control of Photovoltaic Systems without Storage

  • (05/11/2016) Congratulations to Fenglong Lu who successfully completed his Ph.D. on Autonomous Control of Series-Connected Low Voltage
    Micro-inverters (LVAC) for Photovoltaic (PV) panels

  • (04/08/16) Congratulations to Hua Chen who successfully completed his Ph.D. thesis on Advanced Electrified Automotive Powertrain with Composite DC-DC Converter.


  • New project: we are working on High-Frequency, High-Efficiency Automotive LED Drivers in a multi-year project sponsored by Texas Instruments. 


  • Prof. Maksimovic received a 2012-2013 Boulder Faculty Assembly Award for Excellence in Teaching

  • Prof. Maksimovic received the 2012 College of Engineering and Applied Science Charles Hutchinson Memorial Teaching Award.

  • In collaboration with UCCS, we started Innovative Drivetrains in Electric Automotive Technology Education (IDEATE) center sponsored by the DOE GATE program