Current Projects

  • Concrete metamaterial for stress and electromagnetic wave attenuationConcrete creep test setup
  • Self-assembly of microstructural inclusions in composite materials
  • Nanoparticle injection technology for remediating leaks of CO2 storage formations
  • Material aging effects on performance based earthquake designSimulation of particles arranged in front of 3pt bending crack
  • Concrete remediation methods to improve building energy efficiency
  • New test methods to improve concrete creep prediction
  • Engineering microstructure of living building materials
  • Imaging and mechanical testing of cement hydrate micro-structure evolution
  • Correlations of fracture resistance to spatial statistics of material microstructure

Past Projects

  • Size effect law for scratch tests of asymmetric shape
  • Cement particle toxicity during lifetime & collapse of civil infrastructure
  • Model B4: Multi-decade creep and shrinkage of concreteScratchRock porosity in 50 micrometer volume
  • Improved analysis and testing of creep and shrinkage of concrete
  • Theory of cyclic creep of concrete based on Paris Law for microcrack growth
  • Improved estimate for long-term relaxation function of aging concrete
  • Laboratory study of nucleation seeding on the hydration kinetics of geopolymers
  • Inverse density analysis of immersed structures