• Dr. Hubler is working with Al Weimer and others on repurposing carbon products from fuel sources into concrete bricks in hopes to reduce pollution and create stronger, more long-lasting materials (https://www.colorado.edu/mse/2021/08/25/carbon-capture-doe-funded-projec...
  • Publication of “Working with Randomness: A Perspective on Using Spatial Statistics to Engineer the Mechanics of Heterogenous Materials” in Mechanics Research Communications
  • Awarded Prometheus Materials/SOM grant, "Algae-grown Engineered Living Reinforced Concrete" 
  • Seminar on "Using Spatial Statistics to Engineer the Mechanics of Heterogenous Materials" at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities 
  • Publication of “Experimental Study on Nanoparticle Injection Technology for Remediating Leaks of Gas Storage and Transportation” in Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering
  • DARPA grant, "Programmable Resurrection of Materials Engineered To Heal Exponentially Using Switches" extended funding to 2023 
  • Sannidhya Gosh graduated 
  • Publication of "Numerical Modeling of the Injection of Nanoparticles in Saturated Cementitious Material by Electromigration” in Journal of Engineering Mechanics
  • Awarded ARPA-E grant, "Testing and Analysis of Pipeline Encapsulation Technologies" 
  • Publication of "Engineering Living Building Materials (LBMs) towards Enhanced Bacterial Viability and Mechanical Properties” in iScience