CVEN 3161: Mechanics of Materials I

This undergraduate level course addresses concepts of stress and strain; material properties, axial loading, torsion, simple bending, and transverse shear; analysis of stress and strain; and deflections of beams. Includes selected experimental and computational laboratories.

CVEN 4899: Senior Design Project

This undergraduate level course provides a simulated real-world design and construction experience with multiple constraints including budget, schedule, technical, regulatory, and societal. Teams integrate the multiple civil engineering sub-disciples. 

CVEN 5585: Advanced Topics in Reinforced Concrete Design

This graduate level course develops student's understanding of more complicated scenarios in reinforced concrete design. Topics include failure theories, shear truss analogy, strut-and-tie methods, slender columns, yield-line analysis, the strip method, and various models for creep, shrinkage, and aging. We look at the limits of various design codes and discuss current research.

AREN 4315 & CVEN 5835: Design of Masonry Structures

This cross-listed course addresses modern masonry design and construction, including: properties and behavior of reinforced masonry component materials, vertical and lateral load paths in masonry buildings, design of reinforced masonry walls, beams and columns by allowable stress and ultimate strength methods. 

CVEN 6161: Advanced Mechanics of Materials II

This graduate level course covers continuum mechanics, plasticity, and fracture mechanics with emphasis on application to concrete.