mark hernandezProfessor Hernandez directs the Environmental Engineering Microbiology and Toxicology Lab at the University of Colorado Boulder.  This lab focuses on the characterization and control of microbiological air pollution and microbially induced corrosion.  Our lab uses emerging genetic, biochemical and toxicological techniques to assess the efficacy of new engineering interventions in sectors of sanitary engineering and industrial hygiene that are relevant to the sustainability of environmental health in the built environment.  We have a special focus on wide area surveillance of indoor air and proximal water supplies for first responders and community exposure assessment following disasters and extreme weather events.

Research Interests

Aerobiology of Indoor & Outdoor Atmosphere

  • Toxicology, biochemistry and disinfection of aerosols
  • Characterization and contol of Fomites

Biofouling & Microbially Induced Corrosion

  • Acidogenic microbes in wastewater and petroleum transport systems
  • Antimicrobial cements and steel alloys

Green Chemistry, Treatment & Smart Infrastructure

  • Upcycling industrial by-products: heavy metals and slags
  • Enhancing energy recovery from anaerobic digestion
  • Next generation deicing fluids