Oxygen Delivery

Injectable oxygen microbubbles is a novel technology being developed in our lab to treat local and systemic hypoxia. The microbubbles are biocompatible and provide a very large surface area for oxygen transport. Our approach to develop this technology is to mimic the remarkable low-surface-tension and high-gas-permeability properties of the lung alveolar lining.

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Microbubbles provide a novel vehicle for injectable oxygen.

Image-Guided Drug Delivery

Microbubble interactions with higher intensity ultrasound can be used to induce more violent effects (localized to the pico-liter volume surrounding each microbubble) to deliver drugs and enhance local tissue uptake.

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Gene Therapy

Gene therapy using focused ultrasound and microbubbles can provide safe and efficient delivery of nucleic acids to target cells in vitro and in vivo. Several research groups throughout the world are working to develop this technology for clinical translation. Our group is working on the design of new microbubble and nanodrop formulations, such as polyplex-loaded microbubbles, and ultrasound systems to achieve this goal.

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