Terrestrial fate & transport of LDPE type plastics:

This research aims to understand the effect of weathering and mechanical abrasion on fragmentation of LDPE plastic types from macro-plastics to micro-plastics.

Students performing experiments in a lab and out in a field.

Engineering culture:

In this research effort we aim to assess the engineering students’ cultural wealth at three selected institutions (University of Colorado Boulder, James Madison University and Angelo State University) and to understand how engineering students’ personal values relate to beliefs about engineering. Findings from this research will tremendously assist educators in designing asset-based curriculum changes to achieve newly desired engineering students’ outcomes such as sustainability performance or environmental justice. The research protocol and survey instruments are approved by CUBoulder’s IRB (protocol #: 20-0400).

Picture of a graph that describes Yosso's Community Cultural Wealth Framework

Community Capacity & Resiliency:

This research aims to understand how the Capacity Factor Analysis (CFA) model can be adapted from community level to family and personal level.

Graph of how interconnected a community is

Aquifer storage & recovery:

This research aims to estimate Hickory Aquifer's properties using derivative analysis of water level time Series from active well fields.

Picture of aquifer storage and recovery

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