The University events calendar has subscribe buttons so users may add an event to their calendar of choice. This feature makes it easier to avoid calendar conflicts and allows visitors to set up their own reminders. You may create your own Add to Calendar button on a page of your site highlighting the event so visitors can add the event to their own calendars, without going the university events calendar site.

Add your Event to the University Events Calendar

Follow the Add an Event tutorials to add your event to the University events calendar. Note: If you do not want your event to be public on the University events calendar you may configure the event Visibility. Learn about the Unlisted, or Restricted visiblity options in the Add Events (for Event Admins) tutorial.

Locate the Subscribe link URL

When your event is live on the calendar, navigate to the event. You will want to copy the Subscribe link URL to create your button.

subscribe icon on events

Right click on the subscribe button for the calendar platform you would like to use and select Inspect.

inspect subscribe icon link

Locate the URL in the code and copy the element.

subscribe icon link code

Create Add to Calendar button

Follow the button shortcode tutorial to create your Add to Calendar button using the subscribe link for the button URL.