Discover what’s happening on campus with CU Boulder events calendar. The calendar brings hundreds of university events together in one place. You can browse upcoming events and quickly make plans with friends. The calendar—which includes landing pages for various campus groups—offers loads of interactive features, making it easy to keep up with university events, whatever your interests are.

  • Social sharing | share events to Facebook, Twitter or other social networks and invite friends

  • Trending events | see what’s trending on campus right now and who’s attending

  • Planning tools | RSVP, review ticket prices and find nearby parking

  • Customized dashboards | sign in to set up event reminders and add events to your personal calendar

  • Responsive design | access and navigate the calendar across just about any device, at work or on the go

Are there any guidelines for posted events?

All events must meet the following event posting guidelines to be included on the calendar:

  • Event must be affiliated with or endorsed by University of Colorado Boulder
  • Event must be of particular interest to the majority of students and/or employees
  • Event must not be a birthday, job posting or lost and found listing
  • Event must have a department sponsor

The event submitter is expected to proofread content carefully before submitting events and will be responsible for correcting erroneous information in submissions, such as incorrectly reported dates, times, locations, event details, policies or procedures. Repeated inaccuracies, misuse, abuse or overuse of the calendar may result in restriction or termination of contribution rights.

Does the calendar include all university events?

No. While many events are posted to the university events calendar, some units may use a different calendar system or resource to let the community know about upcoming events. If you know of a unit that may be interested in using the official university events calendar, please direct them to the University Events Calendar webpage for more information.

How do I post an event to the university events calendar?

To post an event to the calendar, you must first create a user account. All users may submit an event to be published on the events calendar. All events will be reviewed and approved by the calendar administrators before they are published. To request access to a group calendar, follow the instructions on the support page: Request a Group Calendar

Once your unit is set up with a group calendar, follow the online tutorials to post your event: Adding an Event Tutorial

When will my event be approved?

A two-week minimum lead time is recommended for submissions, when possible, to make sure the Calendar Admin has time to review your request with ample time for your event to be promoted on the calendar and relevant feeds. Calendar Admins review the event submission pending queue once daily so depending on when you submit your event, it may take upto 48 hours during the business week for an event submission to be reviewed. If an event does not appear to meet the requirements, it will be deleted from the calendar pending submission queue. Publication of events is at the discretion of the calendar admin.

If you need to change information associated with a submitted event (updates, cancellations, sell-outs) please email with your requested updates or work with your program's calendar administrator.

What’s the difference between logging in with my CU Identikey or creating an account linked to another platform?

Logging in to the calendar gives you access to many interactive features. University of Colorado Boulder students, faculty and staff with a valid CU Identikeys have the most access to the calendar and may be given Event Admin and/ or Group Officer permissions. 

Members of the general public can create and login with an other platform account. This account still gives you access to many of the basic calendar features such as a personal calendar, track events you are interested in, and set up event reminders.

If you do not log in at all, you will still be able to see all events and share events to social media.

Where will my events appear?

When you post an event to the university events calendar, it may be displayed in the following places based on the event's settings. 

  • The Main Calendar homepage
  • The Place page of the campus location the event is being held at
  • The Group Calendar Landing page of the affliated group
  • On any of the filter pages then event's filters have been configured with 

*Featured events are individually selected by a panel of university staff and must meet strict criteria to be listed.  If you wish to have an event considered, please reach out to the Office of Strategic Relations and Communications.

Can my event be a "featured event"?

Featured events meet the following requirements:

  • Sponsored by a University department or student organization and open to public/students
  • Large-scale event - space available for access of 100 guests
  • Non prohibitive cost - free or low cost for admissions to event
  • Widespread interest
  • Strong Image/graphic marketing piece
  • Topic or program of unique interest
  • Number of large-scale events being held on campus at the same time

Featured event are displayed as either a spotlighted event banner or in the featured event slider on the events calendar. We continually monitor all events that have been added to the calendar, and will feature those we feel meet the above criteria. The farther in advance you add your event to the calendar, the greater chance it has to be featured. If you feel your event should be featured, please let us know, you may send an email to and request your event be considered. Related Featured Event Tutorial.

Can I create a calendar widget for my website?

Web Express users do not need to create a widget for their website. Use the Events calendar block in Web Express to embed the events calendar on your site.

If you do not have a Web Express site, follow these instructions to create a widget to display a list of events on your unit’s website.

Calendar Widget Tip Sheet

The instructions show you how to get the embed code from the new calendar system. This code can be used on any site.

What are the event registration options?

If you would like to include a registration with your event you have the following options available to you:

  • Web Express forms: Groups that have a site using Web Express can create a form to collect registration information.

  • Cvent: Cvent is part of the campus eComm tools. This option is only for departments with existing eComm accounts.

  • EventBrite: If you have an existing EventBrite account you can also use this. Please note that EventBrite does have a cost associated with it for some use cases. Departments who use EventBrite are responsible for these costs.

Event registration with payment

If you are having an event that requires payment with reservation you must first reach out to the internal communications team within Strategic Relations and Communications. There are options for departments to accept payments for events but this needs to be vetted first by the CU Treasurer Office. The eComm team can help you navigate through this process and connect you with the appropriate office. There are compliance violations you are subject to if you accept payment without approval from the treasurer’s office.

It’s important to plan ahead if you need payment options. This is not something that can be turned around quickly if you do not have an approved or established process already.

What to do if you need to cancel an event?

When canceling or postponing events, do not delete them from the events calendar! You can apply a “status” to your events so that content is not lost on the admin side and your community remains up-to-date. Fore more details on how to cancel an event, see our Cancel an Event tutorial.